• 4-5 November 2010 - International Political Communication Conference organised by the IPSA Research Committee for Political Communication (RC22) at Loughborough University, UK. See details and conference papers here

Other major past events with IPSA-PC participation:

Fukuoka IPSA World Congress, 2006

The 20th World Congress of IPSA was held in Fukuoka, Japan from July 9 to 13, 2006. with the overall theme "Is Democracy Working?". The following panels were proposed and hosted by RC22 "Political Communication":

- Panel 1: New Development in Election Campaigning (Convenor: Dominic Wring) (This session was dedicated to discussing recent approaches to campaigning and political marketing in various countries.)
- Panel 2: The Role of Media in International Conflicts like War and Terrorism (Convenor: Barbara Pfetsch) (September 11, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have not only changed the public perception of many people who feel more than ever that they are living in a world under constant thread. The incidents have also marked a change of the perception of the media and their role in international conflicts like war and terrorism. The panel discussed various dimensions of the functions of the media as political arena and political actor in such situations as well as the chances and risks of the media's involvement and their constructions of violence.)
- Panel 3: Communication, Mobilization and the Media in European Integration (Convenor: Barbara Pfetsch) (Against the background of the discussion about the Democratic Deficit of the European Union, the panel discussed dimensions and potentials of transnational communication in the EU and the conditions and chances for an emerging European public sphere which might help remedy the deficit of public legitimization of the EU.)
- Panel 4: Communication and Democratic Political Culture (Convenor: Rüdiger Schmitt-Beck) (The panel assembles focused on the role of communication processes and infrastructures for political cultures and citizens' involvement in democratic politics.)

Durban IPSA Congress, 2003

RC22 Political Communication met in Durban, during the IPSA World Congress, from June 29th to July 4th 2003. Four panels were convened by Philippe J. Maarek, former Chair of the Research Committee:

- Panel 1: Globalization of Political Communication Issues
- Panel 2: National and Local Government Communication and Public Relations
- Panel 3: Comparative Political Campaigning (Co-sponsored by RC 22 and by the Political Communication Research Section of IAMCR - International Association for Media and Communication Research)
- Panel 4: Political communication in European public sphere (co-convened with Barbara Pfetsch, Vice-Chair of the RC)